1. How safe is knob and tube type of wiring?

    It is safe as long as you do not connect additional circuits to the existing circuits. In general, houses equipped with knob and tube type of wiring has insufficient number of circuits and receptacles. If you need a new receptacle/circuit you will need to consider separate run from the panel.

  2. What is involved in turning old two prong receptacles into three prong receptacles?

    You can either rewire them or change them with GFCIs.

  3. What do I need to consider if I want to have recessed lights?

    A couple of things:

    • If you live in a multiunit building you need to provide a two- hour fire barrier for your recessed lights and therefore "five side" them or simply place them in fire boxes.

    • If you live in a single family home and have insulation in the attic, IC rated recessed lights must be used. Be aware that recessed lights get extremely hot when in use. Having any combustibles nearby such as insulation is a pure hazard.

    • Connect the lights to old knob and tube circuit is highly inappropriate. New grounded circuit has to be provided.