Todor is THE MAN!

I have been a network engineer for 20 years, and my father was an electrical engineer. I have never seen anyone do a better job, and as quickly as Todor.

He came into an incredibly complex task at our Museum, working with live voltage and questionable ballasts, fixed a par 64 Metal-Halide lighting display on the first floor, and in under an hour to boot.

Yes, that qualifies for the title "THE MAN".

I would recommend him to my best friend and anyone else that would listen.

Freud R.
San Francisco, CA

I was in a panic as my roommate called me around noon-ish on a Friday stating that the refrigerator and half of the kitchen's electric was not working.

After having her check every possible breaker in the house (it's an older Victorian) I told her to leave it be - assuming that I was unable to adequately describe what she needed to do to check the breakers. I got back home around 5 pm, and after I and my husband checked every possible breaker and fuse in the house - we'd known it was time to call an electrician. But unfortunately for us it was now 6 pm on a Friday... no one answers their phone at 6 pm on a Friday.

We were resigned to having all the food spoil in the fridge, so my husband started to clean it out while I turned to Yelp to look for an electrician. I started in my neighborhood and called everyone on the list to see if there was anyone who'd pick up. By about the 10th person, no one had picked up, (including Todor on the first pass.)

So by 9 pm we'd given up, and assumed that we'd have to wait until Monday to get it fixed. Lucky us... Todor called back around 9:30 pm. He asked what the problem was, I explained, and he said, no problem that he'd be at the house tomorrow (Saturday) between 9 am and 10 am to fix it.

He showed up a little later - other work that went over, and considering that he was fitting us in at the last minute we couldn't be more grateful. (around 10:30 am) He quickly assessed what the problem was, provided some education, (the breaker for the plugs needed to be replaced.)

He said he'd have to run down the street to get the part, but that all told it'd take about 10 minutes to fix.

He was totally professional, patient and educational. All told with labor and parts it was completely worth the extremely fair rate he charged us for ~ 30 minutes of work. I've now got a working refrigerator.

Thank you Todor!!

Kira Z.
San Francisco, CA

Todor has done 2 projects to date - adding a closet light (after a bad electrician did a horrible job) and installing a ceiling fan. He is honest and very attentive to making sure that all materials used are up to code and of high quality. Those who work with him are also good. Once an appointment is made, they are on time and very thorough with their work. I highly recommend Todor!

Elisa H.
San Francisco, CA

Todor does great work. He is honest, knows his stuff, does beautiful work quickly and prices the job fairly. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and plan to call him again when I need more electrical work done.

Carolyn S.
San Francisco, CA

I have not only used Electro-Integrity for several years now but I've also recommended him to no less than a dozen folks!

Todor runs this, and he is the best contractor that i've dealt with in 20 years in San Francisco!

He is fair in his pricing.
He is good at what he does (knows his stuff)
He is honest and trustworthy (He has the keys and codes to my house and 4 rentals).
He is absolutely my go to person for electrical!
He is licensed and insured.

Michael M.
San Francisco, CA

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